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Carcross Tagish First Nation Porcupine Creek Farm

Kevin Bayne & Lloyd Lintott

Why Visit CTFN Porcupine Creek Farm?

We have a very diverse operation that aims to produce nutritious healthy food. We offer honey from our own apiary, vegetables, fields crops and a small but growing orchard. We raise chickens, turkeys, pigs and rabbits, and there will be babies of all kinds in spring! The scenery is spectacular and there is a wide array of wildlife, too.


About our Farm
Carcross Tagish First Nation Porcupine Creek Farm is entering into its 3rd year of operation. It consists of 152 acres of mixed habitat located on the east end of Crag Lake. The goal of the farm is to provide healthy food to the citizens of CTFN and the Yukon. We raise chickens, turkeys, laying hens, pigs, rabbits, honey bees and grow numerous vegetables. Piglets are born and baby chicks and turkeys are hatched in May/June. September is a busy harvest time.

We grow field crops, as well as vegetables in garden plots and greenhouses. Potatoes, carrots, beets, greens and turnips are just a few of the foods we grow. Produce is sold to CTFN citizens, as well as non-citizens. We’re aiming toward growing most of our own livestock feed, but at present most of it is purchased locally. We utilize Porcupine Creek as a source of irrigation water for field crops. We try to return as much to the land as we take. Manure is composted and returned to the fields.

Livestock & Crops

  • Honey bees, rabbits and pigs (piglets in spring)
  • Turkeys, chickens and laying hens (poults/chicks in spring)
  • Vegetables, berries and field crops


  • Outhouses and indoor washroom facilities
  • Indoor eating area
  • School bus turnaround

Porcupine Creek Farm is located 12 km (8 miles) east of the town of Carcross on the Tagish Road. The approach to the main yard is located on the right hand side of the road 1 km past the Porcupine Creek highway sign. The farm is about 45 minutes from the Carcross cut off.

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