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Barbara & Bill Drury

Why visit Circle D Ranch?
We have a large farm with a variety of livestock and diverse crops. Students can see a cow herd with baby calves, meet young pigs, and walk or run in the broad open spaces. I milk our dairy cow to make cheese, butter and yogurt. Butter making is an easy and fun activity for children. We can build a compost pile and students can plant a seed to take home and grow on their own.

Available for fall farm tours only this year.


About our Farm
Our farm has an elk area (65 hectares), interesting wetlands with wild birds and beavers (especially in May and June), a large garden, 2 large greenhouses, and a haskap and black currant orchard (10 acres) with beehives. The garden has lots of vegetables, including lettuces, collards, kale, cabbage, onions, carrots, broccoli, beets, herbs and sunflowers. Flowers, tomatoes and cucumbers are grown in the greenhouses. Crops are rotated and composted manure from our cows is used in all the gardens and greenhouses. There are also large pasture lands where the cows and their calves graze. We’ll have 4 small piggies this spring.
We have a machinery area with lots of different farm equipment that kids like to explore, and we have a creek on our farm with great wading potential if it’s hot. There are 2 friendly farm dogs who like to accompany farm tours.

Livestock & Crops
Cows (dairy and beef), elk and their calves
Pigs (piglets in spring)
Vegetables, berries, honey bees and pasture

Covered outdoor eating area
School bus turnaround

Drive west on the Alaska Highway (towards Haines Junction). Turn right at KM 1459.5 into the main yard (25 minutes from downtown).

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