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Dusty Trail Yukon

Patricia Bort

Why Visit Dusty Trail Yukon?
We raise chickens and pigs, which have been key in building up soil fertility in the gardens. In spring, students can see baby chicks, feed piglets and make their own newspaper pots to plant a seed to take home. Students can help harvest root crops and learn preservation techniques in the fall. We have a chicken processing shop and offer demonstrations to interested groups.


About our Farm
Our small and diverse farm raises livestock and grows healthy vegetables and berries in an ecologically friendly manner. Over the years, pigs helped transform our poor soil into a fertile garden. We now have 4 fenced garden plots: we raise pigs in a different plot every year and grow vegetables in the other 3. We also raise chickens for meat and use the chicken manure to fertilize the gardens. Our animals are raised on feed we buy from a local farmer, as well as greens that we grow specifically for them. We butcher our chickens in July in our own chicken processing shop.
I’m able to grow wonderful vegetables using only manure and compost produced on the farm, and without the use of commercial fertilizers. I have 2 greenhouses with tomatoes and cucumbers, and 2 gardens with a variety of crops including broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, beets, lettuce, radish and kale. I also grow yellow and red raspberries, haskaps, saskatoons, gooseberries and chokecherry trees. I make a variety of jams, jellies and pickles from my produce, which I sell to friends and at the Fireweed Community Market on Thursdays.

Livestock & Crops
Pigs and chickens (babies in spring)
Vegetables and berries

Outhouse and indoor washroom
Covered outdoor eating area
School bus turnaround

Drive down the North Klondike Highway for about 15 km. Turn right on Policeman’s Point Road. Go 1 km and turn right on to Dusty Trail. Go 1.5 km and turn left at the old tractor that says Dale and Pat Bort. Drive into the yard and park by the shop.

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