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Elemental Farm

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Why Visit Elemental Farm?

Our farm is one important system or cycle - with livestock, gardens, greenhouse and compost all relying on each other to work. Interacting with our compost pile and our worms is a hit. It’s like a treasure hunt! There’s lots of space to spread out, learn and have fun on our farm, rain or shine.


About our Farm

We are a small-scale, certified organic farm located on the north side of the Takhini River, set a kilometer back in field and boreal forest. We are in our 10th season of operation and have always practiced organic management of our gardens and animals.

The market garden is about 4.5 acres of garden beds, greenhouse, and a large compost pile. We grow a variety of crops including salad mixes and an array of roots, herbs, medicinal plants and edible flowers. We have a small greenhouse production and grow starter plants in the spring. We also have a small amount of raspberries, rhubarb, perennial herbs and horseradish. We raise laying hens and chickens for meat. Three friendly dogs and three cats protect our gardens and livestock.

We rotate crops, use organic fertilizers and soil amendments and love feeding our vibrant worm compost. We follow strict organic practices and are always looking for ways to improve soil health and reduce our footprint on the earth. We live entirely off grid and use low impact, sustainable technologies to fuel, water and power our farm. We recommend farm tours are a minimum of 3 hours for a maximum of 30 students.

Livestock & Crops

  • Laying hens and chickens (chicks in spring)
  • Vegetables, perennial herbs and berries


  • Outhouses
  • Covered outdoor eating area


After making your way up the Hot Springs Road, turn left on Takhini River Road. Take a sharp right into the driveway at the top of the hill at KM 5.6 - it is signed. Following the driveway back as far as it goes and we’ll greet you in the field.


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