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Horse Haven Ranch

Dev & Louise Hurlburt

Why Visit Horse Haven Ranch?
Our 80 cows will have 80 calves in spring and our pigs and wild boar have piglets year-round. Students can come learn about animal husbandry, genetics and adaptations to our northern climate. We grow all our own animal feeds for harvest and sale, and the meats we sell are 100% Yukon-raised. We are proud of that statistic because we are one of the few meat producers in the area who can make that claim.


About our Farm
Our mixed farm originally started out as a small hay ranch and St. Bernard dog breeding operation in 1993. We’ve expanded a lot over the years and now have 500 acres in production, including 100 acres of hay, 100 acres of oats and 200 acres of pasture. We use a large complex irrigation system to water up to 250 acres of forage. Composted manure is put back on the fields and we also spread chemical fertilizers.
We raise cattle, pigs and wild boar, which all have babies in spring. We sell meat, offer livestock breeding services and sales of young steers and weaner pigs. Our breeding pigs are hardy, well-muscled and genetically selected to thrive even in harsh weather environments. Our young breeding cattle are selected for traits such as docility and fertility, ease of maintenance, and the capacity to excel in a grass-fed program. We also provide boarding services for horses and cattle. Our animals lead healthy and happy lives with adequate roaming space and chemical-free feed.
Our mission is to contribute to our community and provide a local Yukon source for healthy, sustainable beef, domestic pork and wild boar, as well as high quality hay.

Livestock & Crops
Cows (calves in spring)
Pigs and wild boar (piglets year-round)
Hay, oats and pasture

Indoor washroom
Covered outdoor eating area
School bus turnaround

We are situated in the beautiful Ibex Valley, just 25 minutes from downtown Whitehorse. Drive west on the Alaska Highway (towards Haines Junction). Turn left at KM 1457 and follow driveway into ranch yard.

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