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Wheaton River Gardens

Shiela Alexandrovich

Why visit Wheaton River Gardens?

Wheaton River Gardens is a working example of nature’s circles: animal waste to compost to gardens to animal and people food. It is a chance to meet a community of animals and people that live together and depend on each other for well being. It is an exploration of working with nature as our guide, and trying to be respectful of the needs of the planet as well.

Visites disponibles en français.


About our Farm

My farm is about 6 fenced acres on the banks of the Wheaton River. I intensively use about 1/3 acre for raised beds, producing about 30 kinds of vegetables using regenerative practices, and the rest we share with all the animals. Compost from my animals, green manures and rotation of crops provide nutrient cycling on the farm. In spring, there is chicken and goose egg collecting, lamb feeding, sometimes chicks, worms, and always planting and compost making. Learn about wool processing and make a wool marble to take home. Fall is about harvesting vegetables and eating some for lunch, sometimes preserving them, cranberry picking when they’re ready, and getting the farm ready for winter.

This farm has been my homestead for 40 years, and I started growing food for my kids and I. It is a wilderness farm without power or running water, and provides an active, quality life for myself and a variety of young people who come to learn. The recommended tour duration is 3.5 hours (3 hour min.).

Livestock & Crops

  • Sheep for milk and fiber, lambs and horse
  • Chickens and geese (chicks in spring)
  • Vegetables, berries and wild edibles


  • Outhouses
  • Covered outdoor eating area
  • School bus turnaround


Travel on Klondike Highway 1 towards Carcross for 15 km. Turn right onto the Annie Lake Road. Travel 22 km, then turn left onto the Far Side Road and continue for 1.5 km. There is a Y in the road - stay to the left where it is signed for ‘Shiela’s Studio’. At the wooden gate, open and come in. Please close the gate behind you.


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