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Brat Pak Kennel and Farm

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Why visit Brat Pak Kennel and Farms?

We raise a wide variety of animals, including sheep, a mini calf, an alpaca, chickens, quail, ducks and dogs.  In the spring, we’ll have around 14 lambs, plus chicks.  Students could help feed the animals, collect eggs, hold a lamb and get to know Lola the mini calf who loves people, carrots and neck scratches! 


About our Farm

We raise Icelandic sheep and expect several lambs this spring.  Our beautiful ram loves to have his chin and forehead rubbed.  One unique thing about the Icelandic lambs is that they’re born with horns.  We have a 1 year old mini jersey/dexter cross calf who’s fully grown at only about 4.5’ tall.  Chewbacca, our alpaca, watches over everyone, loves to protect his little lambs and has been known to give a kiss or two if he likes you! 

We have different breeds of chickens who lay a beautiful variety of coloured eggs, including olive and light green, pink and different shades of brown.  We have several ducks, a drake and even a few quail.  We also have 3 old retired sled dogs and 4 house dogs that love people. 

In the spring, we plant salad greens, herbs and cucumbers in our big hoop house, and a variety of tomatoes in our small greenhouse.  We enrich the soil with our own naturally made fertilizer from our animals, as well as composted fruits and vegetables.  Students could harvest greens from the garden and greenhouse for a fresh, hand-picked lunch salad. 

Upon request, students can also learn the process of spinning raw wool into skeins, which is in turn made into a finished product.

Our farm is best suited to younger students (K - 2 recommended).

Livestock & Crops

  • Sheep, alpaca, mini calf and dogs
  • Chickens, quail and ducks
  • Vegetables and herbs


  • Outhouse and indoor washroom
  • Covered outdoor eating area
  • School bus turnaround


Drive west on the North Alaska Highway, approximately 77 kms to the Mendenhall Subdivision.  Turn right into the subdivision, right at the mailboxes and right at the first road into the cul de sac.  We are number 42 and the only house you can see from the road. 



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