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Why Visit Grizzly Pigs Farm?

Students can come learn how the livestock we raise, the compost we make and the food crops we grow are all inter-related. We raise pigs and poultry on our farm and we’ll have piglets, chicks and poults this spring. We practice a variety of interesting permaculture growing techniques, we’re developing an orchard and vineyard, and have beehives. Students can learn about how a working dog kennel (42 dogs) is managed.


About our Farm

Grizzly Pigs Farm began as a pig broodstock unit around 2010, with up to 18 sows, 3 boars and 200 laying hens of mixed ancestry until a change of focus in 2015. Since 2018, the farm has concentrated on permaculture techniques for market gardening and fruit growing. A silvopasture is being developed and growing trials are underway with fruiting shrubs and trees of zones 2-4. A small vineyard is being established, the vines being sourced from cold-hardy varieties and programs. Complementing the permaculture are beehives for pollination services and honey production.

In 2020, we’ll have 35 pigs on site over the summer. These are partially fed through the Loop Resource Supermarket waste food program. We will have a number of layers and small numbers of turkeys and broilers, too. The working dog kennel, based on a pen system, is also part of the farm. The kennel provides valuable soil amendments for our plants whose edible parts are not in the soil.

Livestock & Crops

  • Pigs (piglets in spring), honey bees and working dogs
  • Turkeys, laying hens and chickens (poults/chicks in spring)
  • Market garden, berries, fruit trees and silvopasture


  • Outhouse
  • Indoor Eating Area


From Whitehorse, travel approximately 29 km on the North Klondike Highway (towards Dawson). We’re on the right at KM 220, the next driveway after Aspen Breeze B&B. When you turn into the short driveway, you’ll see a red roofed cabin in front of you with a “1755” sign on the fence. Turn right again so you follow the the driveway parallel to the fence, to reach the farm.


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