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ColdAcre Food Systems is a farm producer that focuses on indoor growing all year long. We use several cultivation methods to grow over 30 crops including oyster mushrooms. By May 2021 we'll have over 20,000 plants growing at all times! Every week we plant, germinate, tend, harvest, and deliver our fresh food to homes, stores, and restaurants around Yukon. Students get a chance to see it all happen, get involved, and learn.



About our Farm

ColdAcre produces leafy green vegetables, herbs and mushrooms year round with a consistent weekly harvest. Products are distributed to grocery stores and a weekly Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) delivery.

Growing operations have been ongoing for more than two years, including indoor germination, grow-out, and harvest of approximately 30 crop varieties.
Farm facilities include two containerized hydroponic gardens and interior growing cells for trialling commercial mushroom inoculation, new product development, and different growing systems. ColdAcre employs several indoor growing systems including: nutrient film technique, dutch bucket, misting, humidification, tray germination and hybrid hydroponics.

We recommend 2 hour visits for small groups, and can accommodate a maximum of 30 students.

Livestock &  Crops:

  • Hydroponic vegetables & herbs (e.g. lettuce, chard, basil)
  • Mushrooms


  • Indoor washroom
  • Indoor eating area


The farm, shop and facilities are located in the Whitehorse Marwell area at 103-114 Titanium Way.


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