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Aurora Mountain Farm

Simone & Tom Rudge

Why visit Aurora Mountain Farm?

We operate the Yukon government owned inspected mobile abattoir unit. Slaughters are done humanely and respectfully. Students can watch this unique abattoir in operation and see first-hand where meat comes from.

Visites disponibles en français.


About our Farm
We moved to Aurora Mountain Farm in 1999 and live off-grid about 40 km from Whitehorse. We raise heritage breeds of pigs: Tamworth and Large English Black. Our youngest ones are the first Yukon pigs to be certified organic. We have 4 sows that are expecting litters this spring. 
We keep a small flock of layers and raise 200 chickens for meat each summer. Our egg and chicken production is certified organic. Our cattle herd consists mostly of Luing cattle, a naturally hornless (polled) cross between Scottish Highland and Shorthorn. We also have a Jersey milk cow and a couple of Dexter cross cows. We have a very large compost pile which is turned regularly, then spread on our alfalfa and mixed hay fields. Hay is cut and baled here and on a couple of neighbouring farms to feed our livestock through the winter.

Livestock & Crops
Cows and pigs (piglets in spring) 
Laying hens and chickens (chicks in spring)
Alfalfa and mixed hay fields

Large picnic table for outdoor eating
School bus turnaround

Turn onto the Takhini Hot Springs Road from the North Klondike Highway (at Takhini Gas). Drive 10 km. Turn onto the Takhini River Road (across from Bean North). Drive 10.5 km. Our driveway has a sign “Aurora Mountain Farm” and 1287.

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