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The Kids on the Farm Program facilitates school field trips to local farms for students in K-12. Expect a learning experience engaging all five senses where your students can interact with livestock and their many products, work with soil and compost, learn how plants grow and how they are used, and appreciate “wild nature” as well as the “managed natural system” that is a farm. No matter which farm you choose, your students will learn about where food comes from and achieve specific curriculum connections.

  • Funds are limited - book early! Booking Period begins April 1.
  • Many local and diversified farms to choose from. Visit a farm that's new to you!
  • Tour a different farm from your colleagues - have your students share & compare their experiences.
  • Plan ahead - book your fall farm tour this spring.

Teachers are urged to discuss their classes’ learning objectives and desired activities with the farmers they’ll be visiting after completing the farm tour booking. Ensure that expectations are clear so that students get the most out of the experience.

Farm Tour Season is May 1-September 30:

Spring activities can include holding baby animals and planting seeds, while fall activities can include harvesting vegetables. Many farm activities can be done in both seasons.

Complex Field Trip:

The Yukon Government Department of Education considers some farm tours to be complex field trips. Teachers are reminded to comply with the Field Trip Policy.

Farm Tour Costs:

Transportation Subsidy: Every Kids on the Farm field trip is eligible for a transportation subsidy of 50% costs, up to $175, plus an emergency vehicle subsidy of $25 (for personal vehicles). The teacher is responsible for making transportation arrangements and will receive the subsidy upon receipt of the Teacher Tour Evaluation Form. 

$7 Student Fee:  After your tour is complete the program coordinator will submit an invoice directly to your school for payment of the student fee.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info.

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